Spectrum Analyzer

Agilent N9320B Spectrum Analyzer

The Agilent N9320B spectrum analyzer primary features and functions are described below: 
  • High sensitive measurement The spectrum analyzer includes an optional pre- amplifier for signals in the frequency range up to 3 GHz, enabling more sensitive measurements. This feature is a great help in analysis of weaker signals.
  • High Accuracy Power Measurement The N9340B supports Agilent U2000 series power sensors for high accuracy power measurement as a power meter.
  • Power Measurement Suite The built- in one- button power measurement suite offers channel power, ACP, OBW, and TOI measurements.
  • Spectrum Emission Mask provides a Pass/Fail testing capability with a mask for out- of- channel emissions measurement.
  • Modulation analysis function provides optional AM/FM and ASK/FSK modulation analysis function. (AM/FM: Option- AMA ASK/FSK: Option- DMA)
  • Tracking generator provides an RF source for scalar network analysis (Option- TG3).​