Research Scientists


Research Interests

Multiphysics Modeling and FEM Simulation of MEMS for Sensors and Energy harvesting applications

Selected Publications

  • Temperature Dependance of the Electromechanical Characteristics of Superconducting RF-MEMS Switches
    N. Alcheikh , P. Xavier, J. M. Duchamp, K. Schuster, C. Malhaire, B. Remaki, C. Boucher and X. Mescot
    Microsystems Technologies, (DOI)  10.1007/s00542-014-2083-1, February 2014.
  • Characterization and modelling of a piezoresistive three-axial force microsensor
    N. Alcheikh , C.Coutier, G.Sophie, C. Poulain, and P.Rey,
    Sensors & Actuators Physical A, vol 201, pp 188-192, Octobre 2013.
  • Dynamic Characterization and Mechanical Simulation of Cantilevers for Electromechanical Vibration Energy Harvesting
    N. Alcheikh , Hussein NASSER, Hélène DEBEDA, Cedric AYELA and Isabelle
    Comsol International Conference, Rotterdame, Holland, 23-25 octobre 2013.
  • Dynamic Harmonic Simulation of Viscoelastic Polymer Microcantilever for Electrostrictive Energy Harvesters
    N.  Alcheikh ,Cedric  AYELA and Isabelle DUFOUR
    Comsol International Conference, Rotterdame, Holland, 23-25 octobre 2013.
  • Characterization of a High Sensitive Silicon Based Three-axial Piezoresistive Force Sensor  N. Alcheikh , C.Coutier, J.Brun, C.Poulain, H.Blanc and P.Rey,
    IEEE 2012 International Semiconducteur Conference, pp. 183-186, Septembre 2012.
  • Variable Capacitance and Pull-in Voltage Analysis of Electrically Actuated Meander-Suspended Superconducting MEMS
    N. Alcheikh , P. Xavier, J.M Duchamp and K. Schuster
    Comsol International Conference, Paris, France, Novembre 2010.
  • Modélisation et Caractérisation de MEMS Supraconducteurs pour des applications Hyperfréquences en Radioastronomie
    N. Alcheikh , P. Xavier and J.M Duchamp,
    Telecom 2009 & 6 ème JFMMA, Agadir, Maroc, Mars 2009.
  • Superconducting sub-millimeter diplexer suitable for pixel-size two-band bolometric detection,
    P .Camus, D.Rauly, O.Guillaudin, A.Monfardini, F.Podevin and  N. Alcheikh
    IEEE MTT-S , pp. 131 - 135, December 2008.
  • Modeling and Characterization of Superconducting MEMS for Microwave Applications in Radioastronomy
    N. Alcheikh , P. Xavier and J.M Duchamp,
    Comsol International Conference, Hannover, Allemagne, Novembre 2008.
  • Validation of a Simple Electromechanical Model of Superconducting MEMS used in Radio-Astronomy
    N.Alcheikh , P.Xavier and J.M Duchamp,
    1st International Conference on Superconducting Electronics, Naples, Italy, Septembre 2008 .​